Parks and Playgrounds at Avenue One


While Avenue One is uniquely urban, it’s also exceptionally balanced with interwoven bike and walking trails, green spaces, and public plazas, not to mention the adjacent Lawrence Youngman Lake and Park. Boutique gyms and residential fitness amenities add to the commitment to help bring wellness to the center of everyday living.


Meet Goals & Make Friends

Avenue One’s public spaces encourage friendships and quality family time. From shared gardens to running clubs to community activities, Avenue One will ultimately thrive on the bonds created and fostered within its unique and special spaces.

Senior Living in Avenue One

Wellness for All Ages

Boutique gyms and integrated wellness amenities in our residences will help encourage active and healthy living at every age.

Run, Walk & Bike

With 6 miles of trails and 26 acres of green space, Avenue One brings healthy living to another level. It will also connect to Omaha’s own vast network of trails.

Our Neighbor

Lawrence Youngman
Lake and Park

Avenue One sits immediately across from the 175-acre Lawrence Youngman Lake and Park. This public-access park is an appreciated and well-loved area. The park is one of the city’s newest and features no-wake boating, ideal for fishing, canoing, and kayaking. It’s also home to the annual Omaha Women’s Triathlon that takes place in May/June each year.

Lawrence Youngman Lake

Canoe, Kayak & Fish

Lawrence Youngman Lake and Park features no-wake boating, ideal for your next paddling adventure.